About Caravaneserai

The history of the Caravanserai

The original Caravanserais were small inns along trade routes in the desert providing refreshment to travellers. We say they're the original "street food before there was street food". 

About The Restaurant

If you've been to Kirkgate Market you'll almost certainly have heard of or passed our sister site, Cafe Moor. 

Caravanserai was founded in 2015, Caravanserai is the perfect place to enjoy North African and Ottoman style barbecue in cosy and relaxed surroundings with friends at our social dining table. Expect rich tapestries and ambient lighting - as if you were inside a souk!

Our Food

With our roots in Kirkgate Market, it’s important to us to support the people we work alongside every day. That’s why we’re very proud that both Cafe Moor and Caravanserai make all of our food from ingredients bought from our fellow traders in the Market.

By helping to support independent local businesses, more money is put back into the local economy. This in turn helps to provide more money for the services we need and use.

By buying our food, you’re helping us to help other small Leeds companies and helping to keep our historical market alive, so thank you. And don’t forget, you can help even more by spending a little more time exploring the market and seeing what it has to offer you!